The Truth about Blogging:

I continually have the same conversation with friends:
“You do so much with your kids!”
“You make me feel like an inadequate mom when I see all you do.”
“How do you have time to do all that?”
“Can’t your kids just watch TV and eat Kraft dinner?”

This is when I say to them:

“The problem with things like Facebook and blogs is that you only show people the side of things that you want them to see!”

One doesn’t post pictures of getting frustrated with your kids, yelling at your husband, the cake that flops, or the family trip that is a disaster.

When I tell my friends what happens behind the scenes, they laugh and say, “now, that makes me feel better!”
They have encouraged me to, in my blogs, tell some of the funnier or behind-the-scene moments.
The problem with having a blog is that your life becomes an open book. My issue is that my husband and kids did not sign up for their lives to be displayed like this, and I don’t want to embarrass any of them. It’s finding the right balance in telling the real story…


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