News flash: I am now a single lady.  Yep, it’s true. If you have been following me for awhile then you may remember me talking about my (now ex) boyfriend Andrew. Well after almost 5 great years together, we cut it off. It was a huge shocker to me, and it’s definitely not where I thought my life was headed, but hot dang, you know what? I am so much happier now. Who knew right? Sometimes I find myself fighting to make things work, that just aren’t really gonna work. People change, and if people grow apart instead of together, sometimes you just have to let that go. There was a lot of heartbreak, and in many ways I’m still healing, but in the long run, I think I am much better for it.

The awesome thing about breakups (yep, there is an upside), is that you really find out who your true friends are. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt when my friends were so incredibly helpful and supportive. Thanks friends! ❤ I have been dining, drinking too much, taking trapeze class, swimming, enjoying the sun, dancing it up to reggae, enjoying patios, cooking, going to festivals, you name it, I’m doing it, and I’m laughing and smiling my way through each and every adventure.


Cue Eye of the Tiger.

One of the first things I turned to when dealing with heart break, is fitness. So healthy right? Be proud of me friends. I signed up for this race called the Badass Dash which is a 7K and has 30+ obstacles, such as scaling walls, climbing ropes, lugging bags of sand, balancing challenges (or in my case falling into pond challenges), all sorts of crazy down and dirty adventures. I was totally terrified when I arrived as I had never EVER done anything like that before (fitness does not come naturally to me). Wouldn’t you know it, I absolutely had a blast. When I was done, I kind of wanted to do the whole thing over again!


..Little did I realize I was wearing my pants inside out the whole day…keeping it classy all the way to the finish line.


Next up on the list, Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Fest. As I was arriving I was wondering how many vegans I would actually see. 6? 15? Apparently I have very low expectations, because when I turned the corner I saw a huge crowd. The place was packed. There was a 3 hour line up for the vegan big mac, and food stalls were packing up shop hours early because they completely sold out. Crowds of people were smiling from ear to ear feasting on so much vegan deliciousness.


I didn’t actually get to sample too much food because it was so crazy busy, but I did enjoy a ridiculously good corn on the cob from this happy guy ↑ who then slathered it in Vegenaise and Daiya…. uh, yes please.


I also got to meet Vegan Gains the bodybuilder Youtube star (in the picture above with me and my bestie Gretty), and fellow vegan blogger Lisa from The Viet Vegan (didn’t remember to grab a pic with her which is a bummer). It’s so super fun meeting people who are also spreading the good vegan word in their own unique ways.


Fitness, and deliciousness covered, we headed next to Toronto Reggae Fest. Cue Beres Hammond! Reggae is probably my most favourite genre of music ever. I literally danced for about 7 hours straight. Getting fit legs helped with this!


There was also lots of scrumptious Jamaican food to enjoy. Ital cuisine (which is the diet of Rastafarians) is almost always vegan, so there was a lot great dishes to find. I was pretty much obsessed with these fried cinnamon coated plantains. Omnomnom.


Summer isn’t over yet, but so far, it’s been one of my favourites in a long time, and there is a lot more fun yet to be had with my amazing friends. Veg Food Fest is coming up in September, if you are in Toronto I would love to meet all of you amazing people! Until the next recipe, love to you all.

Bon Appetegan


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