After a summer filled with sugary cocktails on patios, wine, calorie-laden BBQ fare, chips and other goodies, I could barely squeeze on my wedding ring.

And it wasn’t just my fingers that were puffed up like a jumbo Costco wieners — my face was looking rather haggard and my mid-section reminded me of when I was six-months pregnant. Mentally, I felt like my head was in a fog and I was always tired, despite the copious amounts of coffee I would pour down my throat.

With fall quickly approaching and the hustle and bustle of routines about to kick in full force, I needed to hit the reset button on my eating and drinking habits — I needed to do it quick if I wanted to get back into my jeans.

Enter the Wild Rose Cleanse.

The day we came home from camping I stopped at Alive in Willowbrook Mall to pick up this popular detox kit for $38.99. While some grocery and drug stores carry the kit, I found that this store always sells it at the lowest price.

Okay, I bet you’re probably wondering how it works, so here’s the scoop.

What is the Wild Rose Cleanse?

The Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox provides a complete multi-system detoxification of the colon and kidneys; acts on the urinary tract and the gastro-intestinal system; and has an effect on the liver. By following the recommended diet and taking the herbal formulas provided, the Herbal D-Tox program claims that it will help to keep a healthy balance of assimilation and elimination.
 For 12 days, you take two tablets from each of the three bottles (Biliherb, Cleansaherb & Laxaherb)  and 40 drops of the CL Herbal Extract with both breakfast and supper.
You’re also required to eliminate the following from your diet during the duration of the cleanse: wheat, sugar, dairy, exotic fruit and alcohol.
But it Sounds So Awful
It’s actually not as bad as you may think considering all the things you can have.  For example, you can have beef, fish, poultry, pork, a large variety of fruits & veggies, rice, popcorn, butter, certain grains, Olive Oil, almonds and oatmeal.
Does it work?
Yes, I’m living proof. This is my fourth time taking the cleanse and have experienced positive results each time, which includes weigh loss of up to 7 lbs, more energy, better sleep and improved mental clarity. Now keep in mind, if you go buck-wild the day your cleanse ends and binge on cheeseburgers and ice cream, you’re going to gain it all back — fast!
Is is tough?
I’m not going to lie, it’s hard as H-E-L-L the first time you do it, but each time gets easier. I promise!
Will you be glued to a toilet? Let’s just say you’re going to want to be close to a bathroom the first couple of days. After that, you’re going to need to break your fear of going numero 2 in a public facility. This is why I decided to start the cleanse before school is back in session. If taking the laxaherbs proves too tough on your tummy, take one instead of two. You should also make sure you have a clear social calendar for 12 days to avoid feeling left out.
I’ve been on the cleanse for 5 days so far, here’s a daily diary of my experience so far.
I woke up this morning with an awful hangover induced by drinking four glasses of house white and a couple of sugary vodka cocktails at my local watering hole. Since it was the night before the cleanse, we went all Valley Moms Gone Wild — even ordered a big ol’ plate of greasy French Fries.
Having to choke down six supplements and a glass of water with the foul-tasting extract the next day was no easy feat. While I was craving something greasy like McDonald’s (a big fat no-no), I had an egg fritatta (minus the cheese) that was loaded with vegetables and fresh dill. While I usually can’t handle eggs without Ketchup, it was absolutely delicious.
Having to forgo milk and sugar in my coffee was a tough adjustment, but a little Almond Milk made it taste somewhat okay.
By lunch the herbs had kicked it full force — well, it could also have been the greasy food and drinks from the night before wreaking havoc on my insides. I wasn’t feeling too hungry, but some tuna, avocado and sliced tomatoes doused in fresh lemon juice went down just fine.
For dinner, my mom had us over for a roast beef dinner, complete with garlic roasted potatoes, vegetables and even a clean fruit crumble made without sugar or flour — everything was amazing. Of course, I missed having gravy and a Yorkshire pudding, but the meal was pretty hearty on its own.
This was a much harder day than the first one. While I wasn’t hangover this time around, I woke up feeling famished and depleted of all energy. Even after gobbling up two strips of natural turkey bacon and two eggs, I was pretty hungry. Actually, I don’t think I was hungry at all, but was beginning to go through the withdrawals of not having certain things in my diet like wheat,dairy and sugar.
My mom and I headed to Superstore to load up on ‘clean food’ we could have for the rest of the week. Grocery shopping while being hungry was sheer torture. Thank goodness we didn’t go to Costco.
Lunch was tuna again, but dinner was a chicken stir fry with lots of veggies. We were worried it would be bland without the stir-fry sauce, but found that with lots of garlic, ginger, lemon juice and Bragg’s soya sauce, it was really good.  And yes, you can have rice on the plan! I felt a little left out when Jason poured himself a Caesar, but made myself a cup of ginger tea with lemon and that seemed to help pass the urge. By bedtime, I was exhausted and fell into a long, deep comatose sleep.
I don’t consider myelf to have a sweet tooth, but am craving all kinds  of naught things like chocolate cake, custard and cookies. I’m also really missing having milk and sugar in my coffee.
For breakfast, I whipped up a big pot of oatmeal made with almond milk and fresh berries. I made sure to double the batch so I could have extra oatmeal on hand for the week.
Lunch is when I’m the least inventive — also seems to be when I’m the least hungry. So, once again, it’s tuna, tomatoes and avocado with sea salt, pepper and lemon. I’m down one pound since starting and am eagerly waiting for the engergy high to kick in — so far it hasn’t.
After giving myself a few days off to get used to the cleanse, I figured it was high-time I hit the gym. Even though I was feeling low in energy I managed to complete a full workout.
Dinner was salmon marinated in Bragg’s soya sauce, garlic, ginger and lemon zest. We had it with brown rice and stir-fried veggies. I was shocked at how great it tasted — both Molly and Zoe gobbled it all up.
You know what is the best part of the Wild Rose Cleanse? You get to have pop corn with real butter!!! I had a big bowl and watched a family movie with the kids. Usually, I’d have a big glass of chardonnay with it, but I felt just fine having a glass of water with cucumbers, lemon and a spring of mint.
This was not my best day — in fact, I’ll call it my test day. One of the side effects of the cleanse is becoming emotional, which is something I experienced today and haven’t during past cleanses. I found myself weepy and irritable — almost like having PMS.
I also had a mild but annoying headache that lasted throughout the day. I wonder if a result of toxins leaving my body or my body going through withdrawals? It had only been a few days since I was camping, which meant a diet of hot dogs, wine, chips and marshmallows.
To make myself feel a little better, I wanted to make a dinner I could look forward to. After taking another look at the approved food list, I marinated a pork tenderloin and wrapped it in turkey bacon. I was also craving something sweet, so I decided to roast some gala apples in butter and cinnamon, which smelled heavenly in the oven with the pork. During dinner I poured Jason a glass of wine and myself a glass of cucumber and lemon water. Without looking I accidentally grabbed his glass and took a big swig — realizing I had wine in my mouth I quickly spit it back into the glass. Now that’s dedication and quite the test of willpower, especially since it was my favourite gewurztraminer from Sumac Ridge.
Day 1-4 was tough, but totally doable. It’s also recall that it gets easier on Day 5 — here’s to hoping! Stay tuned for part 2. Note: This is not a sponsored post. To find out more about the Wild Rose Cleanse, visit
Have you ever been on the Wild Rose Cleanse? If so, how did it go for you? We’d love to hear all about it, so tell us below in the comments section!!

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