The age old question, it’s been discussed extensively between parents, grandparents, and of course, children.

Should your child receive a monetary allowance, and if so, how much, at what age, and for what?

We started at age 5 in our house, and it’s $5 per week. Even my oldest, who is 12, still earns just $5 per week. And it’s not a given, they have to do their weekly/daily chores to get the cash:

  • Keep their room tidy
  • Clean up dishes, toys and crafts after they’re finished with them
  • Help Daddy clean up after dinner (I cook, they clean)
  • Vacuum weekly
  • Do their own laundry (starts at age 10)

They can also earn more, if they do special jobs. For the longest time we were just using any amount we felt fair for random things, and we were never consistent. Until this app came along that helps us streamline all of it.

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