After my mom had me in the late 70’s, she was pretty determined to get back into shape. At that time, the only way she could do so, was to turn on the TV at some ungodly morning hour to watch some high energy woman with big hair do weird aerobics in a neon unitard.

(The one and only, Jane Fonda)

Thank you internet, because today we have beautifully inspiring blogs and videos that offer us any type of class, any time we please. If you have the time and patience to filter through these sites to find a perfect workout, you are my hero. I usually stumble across a great song or funny animal video at some point, and get sucked right into the YouTube vortex… without a workout .

I’d like to offer a 15 minute Stretch, Strengthening & Chill-Out Yoga sequence for you mamas that you may not have known you needed. Sure, a  fancy 60-minute yoga studio session would also be nice, but that would mean you’d have to leave the house. And sometimes (most times) you don’t want to.

This sequence will leave you feeling stronger, longer and more grounded (with a boost of accomplishment) and, if you’re a real keener and feeling super ambitious, you can hold the baby for extra weight for some of the postures.

To start, put down a thick blanket in front of your mat and watch your little one (watching you) taking care of yourself. Trust me, your good vibes will be felt by your babe. It’s a win-win situation!

What you will need: a mat if you (or your kid) have one. If not, no worries – a carpet or hardwood floor will do just fine.

Okay ladies; let’s do this. You can do it. Ready 1, 2, 3….!!!
(That’s not really me. That’s me channelling my inner 70’s aerobics teacher.)…

This is an excerpt from the article THE CHILL-OUT (& STRENGTHENING) SESH YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.