If you watched the Grammys a couple of weeks back, you may not remember who took home which trophies, or how many wardrobe changes Gaga made during her David Bowie tribute. What you almost certainly do remember though is Taylor Swift’s epic acceptance speech. For those who didn’t watch, Swift accepted the night’s biggest award (best album for 1989), and used her time behind the podium to perfection.



As well as being a lesson in female solidarity, T-Swizzle’s speech is a not-so-subtle jab at Kanye West, and his new song in which he 1) takes credit for making her career, 2) calls her a b-word, and 3) says he may have sex with her yet (#barf). Still, she doesn’t give Yeezy the satisfaction of a specific reference.

Instead, she maintains her superiority by refusing to sink to his level. Having met more than her fair share of haters over the years, Swift knows that when two roads diverge in a celebrity smack down, the high road is always the path best taken. And also that—forget temperature!—revenge is a dish best served from the winner’s circle.




Do: Generate your own good news

Ever notice how many sunny headlines Taylor Swift makes in a typical week compared to various other pop stars? (This video of her maid of honour speech at her BFF’s wedding, for example). She does this by creating her own news, rather than letting the rumour mill control the message. Sometimes that means fighting for artist’s rights against the mega labels. Other times it’s as simple as posting a cat selfie. The lesson: positive vibes can be achieved by actions big and small, and furry.


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Source: Instagram

Don’t: Name your enemy

The key to taking the high road is staying above whatever’s going on in the trenches. When you engage in mud slinging, you end up getting dirty, whether you deserve it or not. Taylor knows this, which is why you won’t find a story where she trashes an enemy…by name, that is.


Do: Channel that negative energy

Every cloud has a silver lining, and in Swift’s case—a platinum record. Her failed relationship with the way-too-cool indie guy (ahem, Jake Gyllenhaal) gave us the insta-hit We Are Never Getting Back Together. Her doomed flirtation with One Direction hottie (and professional man-bun wearer) Harry Styles produced Out of Style. And we have her feud with Katy Perry to thank for the amazing Bad Blood. Whether you’re composing pop classics or scribbling in a journal, an outlet for negative energy is essential.




Don’t: Give oxygen to the haters

TS pretty much covers this point in Shake It Off. Quick refreshers course: the haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate) and the players gonna play (play, play, play, play, play). Still, there is nothing you can do about their behavior, so don’t waste time thinking about it. Instead, make a spectacular dance video (or, you know, just go dancing), and trust that in time your enemy will probably sink himself…in $53 million in debt.

Do: Surround yourself with a #squad

It is so much easier to keep things classy when you’re surrounded by people who love you and respect you and want to appear in your Bad Blood video. Swift’s pals (from Gwyneth to Lena to Cara to Selena*) always have her back, which makes it a lot more difficult to stab her there. (*Note that even if your own pals are not recognizable by first name only, the same principal applies.)




Feature Image courtesy of hollywoodreporter.com