This recipe for Creamy Paprika Beef Goulash is quick enough to make on a busy weeknight.

You can have this whole meal on the table in about 30 minutes. To make your meal preparation a little quicker, get the pasta going first and work on the sauce while it’s cooking. By the time your pasta is ready, your sauce is well on its way to being done as well.

We wanted a more authentic flavor to this goulash, so we used lots of paprika and finished it with a little sour cream. The complexity of the flavors were just delicious and a nice change from your usual goulash recipe.

And of course, you can adjust the ingredients to suit your own tastes. If you like spicier foods, you could add some crushed red pepper or hot paprika. And if you like more sour cream, feel free to add it. Don’t like mushrooms? You can leave them out!

Using lean ground beef not only keeps this a little lighter, but you also don’t have to drain it which saves a step and keeps all the flavors in one pan.

Preparing Creamy Paprika Beef Goulash

We’ve included detailed recipe steps below, but here’s a look at the process…

Creamy Paprika Beef Goulash - Ingredients


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