Since this blog has grown, so has my inbox. Literally every single day, I receive countless emails from companies and brands inquiring about working together. I love working with brands that align with the blog and vibe, but if I had to sit here and reply to every single one of their letters, I would get nothing else done.  That’s where that handy little “Delete” button comes in.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to quickly scan these messages for red flags, an improper fit, and potential partnerships that I would actually like to work with. There are way too many businesses reaching out to bloggers and influencers the wrong way, and there are much more effective ways to go about it. If you are a brand or business, there could be numerous reasons that you are not receiving any responses…

I receive too many emails offering the same thing

This has to be number one for me, personally. Types of messages I receive just about every day are from companies trying to pitch their ad networks or telling me that my ad revenue could be improved.  Others are offers from overseas based clothing companies who want to send me free clothes to post about. The point being, there is no uniqueness to the type of service or product they are offering and there are hundreds (if not thousands) of other businesses doing the exact same thing. Be unique and creative and then we can talk….

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