In case you missed the memo, Little J is all about Minions. He lives and breathes Gru and all things yellow. You can check out his birthday party for proof. So it only made sense that he be a Minion for Halloween.

Assembling a Minion costume really could not be any easier. You need 5 things:

  1. Yellow shirt
  2. Blue denim overalls
  3. Gru logo (you’ll need blue & black felt)
  4. Black Shoes
  5. Minion hat (see below for options)

I found the shirt and overalls at my local used kids’ clothing store for deep deep discount prices. The yellow shirt is actually a Minion shirt! It will get far more use than just on Halloween. The overalls are the perfect Canadian winter pair – they are lined with plaid fleece! These will also get a lot of use over the winter. The black shoes were easy as he already has a pair of awesome Vans Nintendo runners that are black on the front. // DIY Minion Costume


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