We’ve been honored to have Kelli Stuart blog with us from 2009 through 2012 here at 5 Minutes for Mom. Today, she joins us again to share her inspirational path as a writer. Kelli’s first novel launches on June 27th.

I remember being a kid and believing that I could do anything.

I wanted to be an Olympian, an astronaut, an actress, and a teacher. It never occurred to me that those goals were difficult. It really didn’t even dawn on me that they would require a lot of work.

I simply believed that I could do anything if only I wished it to happen.

I remember the day a friend told me I would never be a good enough athlete to compete in the Olympics. Self-doubt reigned, and I pushed aside that dream so I could focus on the more tangible pursuits of my heart.

I remember being in Jr. High and realizing that astronauts had to be good at math. I failed 8th grade pre algebra, and as I headed to summer school to retake the class, my dream of touching the moon faded into the recesses of my maturing mind.

I remember babysitting in high school and discovering that being around small children for any length of time left me tired and a tiny bit frustrated. It was then that the dream of teaching relinquished itself to my subconscious…

This is an excerpt from the article Dream Dreams: Then Share Them With the World which originally appeared on 5 Minutes for Mom.