The zucchini cookery is still going strong over at our house! We’ve had so much zucchini from the garden this year and I’ve been determined to use it all up and share some fun recipe ideas with you as well, just in case you find yourself with the same zucchini abundance! This scalloped zucchini recipe was a little bit of an experiment, but it turned out even better than I had hoped! This stuff is really pretty great and I may even like it better than the classic scalloped potatoes!

So far this year, we’ve covered:

Marinated and Grilled Zucchini


Making Zucchini Pasta Noodles (Zoodles) Without a Spiralizer

Both of those recipes were definitely on the healthy end of the spectrum, but this one is a little more indulgent. Of course, it’s probably healthier than scalloped potatoes, but it’s still pretty decadent as far as zucchini goes and I’d still classify it as comfort food, for sure. 🙂

So here’s how to scallop that zucchini!

Start out with a whole bunch of zucchini!

A quick and easy way to make a zucchini version of the classic comfort food! Great way to use up all that extra zucchini from the garden!

..or just 2 large ones from the garden should be fine. That’s how many I used to fill a medium-sized corningware casserole. That’s probably plenty. 🙂

Once you’ve cleaned off all the dirt, dust, and fluff from the zucchini that you’re using, chop off the ends and then slice the zucchini into rounds that are about 1/8″ thick….


This is an excerpt from the article Easy Scalloped Zucchini which originally appeared on The Creek Line House.