Essential Oils with the BEST Benefits for KIDS! - sixtimemommy.comTea Tree oil is great for things like cuts and scrapes. It is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oil that isn’t harsh on the skin. Apply this oil to your child’s injuries to aid in pain relief and boost healing time.

Lavender Essential Oil is the most versatile oil, especially for children. It has anti-viral qualities which makes it great for applying during cold and flu season as added protection. It’s also fantastic at relaxing both adults and children alike. Use a few drops of lavender in the bath tub before bed, and then apply a few drops to the feet before tucking them in. They will be out in minutes and will stay sleeping throughout the night for a good night’s rest.

• Colds, fevers, and respiratory issues can be fixed with Eucalyptus Essential Oil. This essential oil is known for its healing powers for respiratory ailments, many people will use it for allergy symptoms in the respiratory system as well. Inhalations work best for this, diffusing the oil around you or your children will cure or severely lessen the issue making it easier to breath. You can also apply it topically for colds and fevers to lessen the symptoms.

Lemon Essential Oil is a great relaxing and mood boosting oil. If your children are having a bad day or aren’t feeling the best, apply a few drops of lemon essential oils. When children are acting out and having bad days lemon essential oil will boost their mood making them happier so that the day begins to go better and their mood improves, especially if they are sick.

Rose Otto Oil is one that is costly, but it is sworn on by many parents for children with asthma and/or seasonal ailments such as allergies. Applying a few drops of this oil daily will improve your child’s symptoms, in turn making it easier to breath and making your child overall happier each day. This is an all-natural way to combat these things without medications. (Please note that if your child suffers from a severe case of either of these things medications may still be needed.)

Do you use Essential Oils? What are your favorites?

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