These last several months, I haven’t been writing as much.

Correction: I have been writing a lot actually, but just not blogging. On this blog that is.

I have been blogging plenty for other clients. Doin’ the work as they say. Because of this my personal writing has taken a back seat. Although freelance work is exactly what I wanted, I’ve been feeling a little divided between working, taking care of the family, supporting my kids in activities and trying to keep up with my own creative work.

It’s be truly a juggle, but actually the juggle that I have always wanted. Flexibility while doing something I love, and supporting the people I love.

Family first, hustle on the side.

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I love taking care of things at home, while earning extra income doing something else. For many years it was my jewelry business, then my freelance makeup work, and now it’s a combination of freelance gigs. While taking care of the family…

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