Hello everyone. I have one last recap from my latest travel adventure to share with you. I hope you enjoyed reading about our time in New Zealand, but I know a lot of people are really curious about Fiji.

Fiji is made up of 322 islands. So you certainly have a fair share of options of where to visit. One of the most popular group of islands to visit is the Yasawas. Tom and I ended up booking a package of island hopping and excursions with Awesome Adventures Fiji.

We spent our first night on the mainland in Nadi. The next morning we headed to the ferry. We had a 5-hour ferry ride to the furthest north resort. The ferry ride was gorgeous. I loved sitting on the sun deck and drinking in the views of Fiji as we rode along. I think heading north first and then travelling back south towards the mainland was the best way to ride the ferry and definitely what I would recommend if you were travelling Fiji.

Coralview Island Resort – Tavewa Island

We arrived at our first resort with a warm welcome of singing & welcome drinks which we learned was pretty customary at all Yasawa islands.

coralview fiji

Shortly after our arrival, we had a massage and then relaxed for a while before taking a short hike to the top of the island. Meals are included at the resorts and the food was absolutely delicious. There were only 7 other people staying at the resort so it was great to meet other travellers during dinner and talk about our adventures.

The next day we visited the Sawa-I-Lu caves. We went into the first cave and jumped into the water. It was incredibly relaxing. The gorgeous water with the light filtering in from the open roof made me never want to leave.

blue lagoon caves

Then we had to do a small dive underwater to reach the next cave. It was pitch black and kind of eery but when the guide turned on the flashlight you were in a beautiful limestone cave. It was a great experience.

We headed back to the resort for a bit of relaxation before heading to the ferry to get to our next destination. However, when we arrived at the ferry, we were told they were having mechanical issues and so the boat dropped us off at this beautiful island with the most crystal clear turquoise water. We had no issues being there and took full advantage by going swimming.



Korovu Eco Tour Resort – Naviti Island

Once again, we were welcomed to a beautiful island. The day we arrived was the national holiday, “Fiji Day” and so they had some special activities planned for the guests in the evening. We first were welcomed to join the locals for a game of volleyball. We quickly realized we were out of their league, but we had fun anyways.

Every night Tom and I would watch the sunset together before heading for dinner.

fiji sunset

After dinner, we had some games and then were entertained with some fire dancing. They even let some of us give it a try and Tom did pretty good okay at it.

fire dancing

Afterwards, we were invited to enjoy some kava, a traditional Fijian drink. We walked way down the beach to the local village and entered a hut. We all sat on the floor and watched as the kava was prepared and then served to us in coconut shells.

kava ceremony

The kava tastes horrible. It pretty much tastes like drinking dirty water, but it was definitely a fun experience. They were singing and paying money to make others drink the kava. It was such a true and authentic experience. I was so happy to be there and to be able to experience it.

The next day we relaxed on the beach most of the day and were treated to a beach bonfire at night. We were also able to see the bioluminescent plankton. At night, you enter the water and everywhere around you lights up. It looks like tiny blue sparks. It was fascinating to see.

We were up before the sunrise the next day to head out snorkelling in hopes of seeing some manta rays.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to see any manta rays but we did get to see some incredible fish, coral reefs and we got to watch one of the locals spear fishing.

Later that day, we were taught to prepare a traditional Fijian dish, kokoda (raw fish salad). As someone who doesn’t love fish and certainly doesn’t love raw fish, I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. The ingredients were so fresh. The fish were caught that morning, the vegetables were from local gardens and we hand grated the coconut to squeeze out the coconut milk used.

fiji cooking

We were very sad when we had to leave Korovu. The place absolutely captured my heart. It was such a fantastic resort where you truly got to learn about Fijian culture.

Beachcomber Island

All of Fiji was paradise but arriving at Beachcomber was unbelievable. It’s the absolute picture of paradise.

beachcomber fiji

The resort there was beautiful but not long after arriving Tom and I both felt that sense of something lacking. Beachcomber is a great resort, but it was more commercialized and lacked that authentic feel.  Had it been my first destination of the trip I probably would have loved it but after being at Korovu, it was a little disappointing.

Our time on the island was limited because we went on an all-day sailing adventure. We got the chance to go to the island where Castaway was filmed.

castaway island

We also did some more snorkeling and visited a local village and had more kava. Then it was time to head back to the mainland for our last night before heading home.

Overall Fiji was everything I ever thought it would be and more. I’ve never been to such an idyllic paradise before and I fell in love with the Fijian people and culture.

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