Change up your boring and simple avocado toast with the best avocado toast recipes ever! These 18 life-changing ways to eat avocado toast will improve your avocado toast game overnight.

Funny how our favourite dishes are often the simplest.

Now that Avocado Toast has gone mainstream, I am sure that everyone and their brother thinks that THEY invented  Avocado Toast. But, I’m pretty sure I was a trendsetter. I credit my discovery of the harmonious combination of a crunchy- vehicle (a rice cake in my case) covered in smashed avocado, topped with a pinch of salt, to my university days.

Before I learned how to cook things that were edible, I would often come home after a day on campus to a gourmet meal of rice cakes and pb or toast with smashed avocado (fancy, huh?). There is just something about the simplicity of avocado toast that makes you feel like a boss in the kitchen, even in those times of hanger. No matter what combination of ingredients you load onto that piece of toast, at first bite, you will be feeling all the feels….



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