It’s asparagus pasta time which means spring is finally here!

I hate to complain as it was a pretty mild winter in Toronto thanks to El Niño but I love springtime and how each week there’s a new fruit or vegetable in season.

But it all begins with asparagus, that’s when we know warm weather, farmers markets and local produce is on its way.

While we do eat spaghetti aglio olio at least once a week, we get excited about spring. Not all pasta recipes need to be heavy, pasta is a great way to incorporate more vegetables into dinner and this asparagus pasta is light and so much healthier than eating out. You could find this asparagus pasta recipe in a French bistro in the spring, or you can make it at home.

The best part is that it takes less than ten minutes to make, which is perfect when you are tired getting home from work but it’s also tasty enough to serve to friends on the weekend…

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