When you’re a thirty-something girl of Romanian decent, you have a few options when craving delicious, comforting and hearty cabbage rolls: you can make a request of your mother or baba, you can purchase them (I like Peg’s Kitchen here in Regina!) or you can whip up recipes capturing the flavor of cabbage rolls without all the work (sorry, babas, you’re much better at it than younger generations are!)

One of my favorites is this Cabbage Roll Casserole recipe! I love all the cabbage-roll-hacks in this recipe, including using a bag of coleslaw in place of actually shredding a head of cabbage – brilliant!

I recently saw a post on Facebook sharing Cabbage Roll Soup and thought that, too, was genius. Soup is comfort-food to me, and adding in all the flavors of cabbage rolls makes this like a big warm hug from baba! Here’s the recipe, below and it truly was easy!

cabbage roll soup


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