On our way back to Vancouver, we stopped in Calgary to meet Richmond, BC-born-and-raised sisters Nicole & Francine Gomes, who have now opened a new take-out restaurant – Cluck N Cleaver.

Francine Gomes, Director of Poultry & Nicole Gomes, Chief Chicken Officer @ Cluck N Cleaver

I had the opportunity to interview both Nicole and Francine. If Nicole seems familiar to you, she previously was on Top Chef Canada, placing 5th in the Season 3. She used to also work at the South Granville restaurant West, with David Hawksworth before moving to Calgary to work in other fine dining establishments and then starting her own catering company, Nicole Gourmet. Francine grew up in the restaurant industry, predominantly on the front end working in various clubs and restaurants, and lived in in the Kootenays raising over 200 chickens on her hobby farm before moving back to Calgary. Nicole is Cluck N Cleaver’s Chief Chicken Officer, while Francine is the restaurant’s Director of Poultry.

A: Thanks for meeting with me today. Take us through your menu and what’s the most popular dishes on the menu.

FG: Our most popular dish is the fried chicken – we use a secret spice that’s Nicole’s secret recipe she has perfected over the years. With our regular customers, our rotisserie is quite popular as well. You’ll notice that our chickens are actually bigger than other rotisserie chickens you usually buy at the store. We use 4lb birds….

This is an excerpt from the article Calgary Eats: Cluck N Cleaver which originally appeared on Vancouver Bits and Bites.