346 Wilson St. East, Ancaster

visited Friday October 7, 2016

It wasn’t too many days ago that the mornings were still warm and taking London to the park was still our daily routine.  I feel like fall has officially settled and now we’re in for the long haul till…May?!?!  Eeeeeeeeek let’s not think about that now.  Let’s focus on something yummy and delightful like this little French bakery, Caniche, in the heart of Ancaster.



Well Caniche does France proud.  This croissant was super flaky, buttery with a sweet almond paste inside and topped with crunchy sliced almonds and tons of powdered sugar.  At 10am they were even out of a few baked goods already like the Apple Cinnamon biscuit.  With breakfast cookies, maple walnut tarts, lemon chocolate eclairs and pumpkin bread pudding, there’s bound to be something you’ll love here.


Plus they do custom cakes, light soups and sandwiches and loaves of bread.  The bakers come in at 2am to make everything fresh in house, so you can be sure lots of love and care are put into these fine treats.  They have a set up with tables n chairs, at the back of the house, to enjoy all these lovely things indoors…away from ol’ man winter who is inevitably on his way.



This is an excerpt from the article Caniche which originally appeared on http://hungryhammergirl.com/.