I’m freaking out over this iced matcha latte with coffee jelly drink (could I just be on an insane caffeine high from drinking two of these in a row? Probably.) I don’t think I’ve ever posted a drink recipe on this blog but this is GOLDEN and will catapult your hot summery day into icey matcha green tea milky condensed milk coffee jelly outer space. Inspired by one of my favourite little cafes here in Vancouver, this drink is painfully easy to make, which is always A-PLUS IN MY BOOKS. This iced matcha latte is for those people (MY PEOPLE!) that love bubble tea and jelly-type stuff in their cold drinks. You’ll need bubble tea straws to slurp up all the sweet coffee goodness. It also brings together Japan (matcha) and Vietnam (condensed milk coffee jelly cubes!) and America (milk??). Run, run! Hurry and make this and watch your day get better!!

iced matcha latte with coffee jelly recipe - Coco Cake Land


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