Do you have asparagus fever? If you grow asparagus in your garden like my parents do, you probably are so trying to think of every possible way to use it up. My parents just dropped off a big bunch for me and as I don’t grow it in my garden, I was excited to devour it all immediately. Lemon Cashew Asparagus to the rescue!

Zesty, creamy, oh la la-y. This asparagus is super easy to make but seems all sorts of fancy pants. You can use it as a fabulous side dish, or as I did, just munch on it straight from the pan. #classy

But first… remember how I told you all about my experience filming with Chef Michael Smith? Well, the evidence is finally here! It really happened, and they made a cute little video out of it. Apparently, I forgot my eyebrows at home that day, but never the less, you can watch me have no idea what to do in front of 8 (yes 8) cameras. Yay! ↓↓↓

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