This chicken tinga recipe is a variation from Chef Rick Bayless, who is my go-to for Mexican cuisine (sopa de lima, anyone?) because he shares really easy but awesome Mexican recipes and he seems like he’d be the nicest guy ever.

Chicken tinga originated in Puebla, Mexico. Puebla, like Oaxaca, is one of the mecca’s for Mexican cuisine. Mexican food is diverse, reflecting its geography and history so food in the Yucatan on the east coast is very different than food in the west coast.

In Puebla, Poblano food is an expression of indigenous cuisine affected by the Spanish settlement, specifically Spanish nuns. Some of Puebla’s most famous dishes, including mole poblano and chiles en nogada were created in a convent.

The traditional chicken tinga recipe is shredded chicken in a tomato chipotle sauce cooked in a clay pot. It’s basically a stew which makes it extremely versatile, so while it’s usually served on a tostada (fried tortilla) it also makes for a great taco filling…


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