Today’s Motivation Monday is dedicated to National Potato Chip Day.

My first job ever was at a grocery store- Metro, that was once upon a time a Dominion. I remember walking through the isles (my fave part) because standing as a cashier got a little tiring (sorry, not sorry) to put things back on the shelves. I once had to put back root vegetable chips and I asked myself “who would ever buy these?… they look so gross” … never judge a book by its’ cover because months later I was eating the root vegetable chips that I thought were inedible… and loved them!



Since the fruition of Motivation Monday, we have strived to push ourselves to refuel properly, (see a previous post on that here) with the healthiest and most nutritious foods. And, let’s face it, it’s not always easy and can most certainly get boring to eat “proper” all the time. For National Potato Chip Day we decided to take a not so healthy snack and make our healthy version of it with root vegetables and not only are they so easy to make but they are so delicious.


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