Splendido, my favourite fine-dining restaurant in Toronto, had its last service on New Year’s Eve last year. Almost five months have passed and I can’t say I’m over the loss; after all, the acclaimed restaurant proudly holds the title of “The Most Blogged About Restaurant” here on Food Junkie Chronicles. Ahhhhh, damn it. I miss Splendido. I miss their tasting menus dearly *sigh*. I guess the saying is true, “All good things must come to an end“. But must it? Must it, really?

In March, chef and owner Victor Barry re-opened 88 Harbord as Piano Piano the Restaurant (Instagram: @pianopianotherestaurant, Facebook: PIANO PIANO the Restaurant). Talk about a quick transformation. To start, the Italian trattoria is now pink and sports a bright and colourful mural. You can’t miss it!
In order to achieve a work/life balance, chef Barry’s Piano Piano decided to serve simple and delicious Italian food rather than the elaborate, fussy tasting menus that Splendido was famous for. Barry’s goal is to have a casual restaurant where he doesn’t have to be on the line every single day. He wants a place where he can bring his two young daughters, ages one and two, and welcome other families to dine.

This is an excerpt from the article Piano Piano which originally appeared on http://www.foodjunkiechronicles.net/.