No need to order takeout with this Slow Cooker Sweet and Sour Chicken. Perfectly tart and sweet all at the same time, this easy, one-pot dinner recipe is sure to be a family favorite!

I don’t know why, but I find myself reaching for my slow cooker in the winter far more often than I ever do in the summer. I think it’s because I’ve associated slow cookers with stews and soups, which naturally I eat more of in the winter, but it also makes total sense to want to use your slow cooker equally as often in the summer.

I live in a 700 sq/ft apartment, which means if I turn the oven on in the summer, my entire apartment becomes a sauna. Which then results in us cranking the A/C followed by an electric bill that would give the average person a heart-attack.

I can just can’t win.

Well actually, I can. It’s called the slow cooker and it’s solved all of my temperature control problems.

So I’ve teamed up with my blogging ladies to bring you 5 Summer Slow Cooker Recipes so turning on your oven is a thing of the past!


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