Baked fish is much easier to make than you think. I grew up on the east coast so we ate fish all the time at home, but I know this isn’t true for most people and eating fish is often something ordered in restaurants.

But fish is easy to cook, especially whole baked fish, as long as you don’t treat it like poultry or beef. It will impress your friends and family to bring out a whole baked fish and it is so wonderful you don’t need elaborate recipes.

One of the most important parts of cooking fish is to begin with quality product and that can be intimidating. If you go to a reputable fish shop you’re sure to find great fish.

Today I went to Chinatown and it’s fantastic for some food because there’s so much turnover but the fishmongers don’t speak much English and I don’t speak Vietnamese, Cantonese or  Mandarin so I can’t ask two things that are really important to me:
1) if it’s fresh
2) if it’s sustainable

So I always arm myself with Oceanwise iPhone app to check its sustainability rating and keep in mind the basics of fresh fish.

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