We’ve been spoiled with some beautiful weather in the past moth or so and I’m trying to get outside with the kids every chance I get. Even if I can’t make it to the park I like to get them in the backyard for some Vitamin D accompanied with some digging in the dirt or other fun activity. I take the kids to my parents a few times a week so I can get some work done (I am SO NOT that super mom who can work and juggle kids at the same time, my brain just doesn’t work that way- I give major fist bumps to all the ladies who can) and we’re spoiled with having a pretty great yard there that the kids can be unleashed play in.
While Liam was napping the other day I got outside with Ari for some one- on- one time and she had fun running around and checking out the fun goodies from Uncommon Goods that I was treated to as an early Mother’s Day gift (PS- they will be spending a lot of time at the beach this Summer!).

This is an excerpt from the article Fresh Air Mommy Daughter Date which originally appeared on Pampered Baby Blog.