It pretty much goes without saying that Games of Thrones has become an international phenomenon. Watched the world over and shot in some of the most beautiful locations in the world both real and imaginary, I’m sure all of the die hard fans out there, including yours truly have wanted to have the chance to travel to Westeros and Essos and take in all scenic views that this captivating show has to offer.

So recently as I was catching up, aka re-watching season five in anticipation of the premier and subsequent sixth season that premieres on HBO April 24th I thought to myself, If someone really wanted to travel the world and seek out locations that brought the reality of the shows picturesque views to life. Where would one go?

So with the help of some of my favourite travel companies I have put together the ultimate Game of Thrones Travel Guide for all you mega fans and adventurers out there.

In part one of two, we look into locations and vacations that showcase and feature similar experiences too, Kings landing/Braavos, heading north of the wall, and of course Winterfell.


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