Is it just me, or does a gloomy rainy day just make you want to curl up on the couch and dig into a warm bowl of pasta? This week’s weather in Toronto has been making me long for the comfort of carbs, and inspired me to share a beautiful pasta recipe that I recently experienced at the preview for Gust 54 Restaurant Group‘s new LA-based venture, FELIX.

With the talented Chef Evan Funke in charge of the kitchen, Californians will soon be treated to a modern approach to authentic Italian food on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. And Funke doesn’t joke around when it comes to pasta. The Californian Chef who worked for six years alongside Wolfgang Puck found his true calling in Bologna, Italy, where he discovered the time-honoured techniques of pasta fatta a mano, or true handmade pasta.

gnochette with pesto genovese recipe - FELIX LA - Chef Evan Funke - Gracie Carroll

As such a huge fan of Gusto 54′s laid back Italian restaurant, Gusto 101, on Portland Street in Toronto (it is literally my favourite restaurant in the city and I am there very often), I was honoured to be invited to an intimate dinner in Gusto 101′s private cellar to be one of the first to experience what’s to come at FELIX when it officially opens in summer 2016….

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