Butter Tarts are definitely one of my weaknesses! I absolutely love how they melt in your mouth. My favourite kind are with just a few raisins.

This recipe is from my Grandmother. When I was in University, my parents left me alone for the entire summer as they went up to the cottage. I was so excited to have the house to myself, but specifically, I was excited to bake in the kitchen. My Mom didn’t love it when I asked to bake in her kitchen (I think it was because of the mess that I often created as I am known to be a VERY messy baker), so I was thrilled with the opportunity to have the kitchen all to myself.

The first thing that I baked were Butter Tarts, this exact recipe. And I proudly ate them all myself…

This is an excerpt from the article Grandma’s Butter Tarts {RECIPE} which originally appeared on http://www.multitestingmommy.com/.