I bet if you asked any mom how many times she’s felt guilty this week, she’d tell you too many times to count.  We are all guilty of feeling guilty.  From the tiniest of mom blunders, to some whoppers you are afraid to admit to even your closest of friends; the guilt is real.

Most of the time – if not all the time – this guilt is a complete waste of time and energy. I’m not going to tell you not to feel guilty, because that’s not going to make you stop.  I’m also not going to tell you that it gets easier, because it doesn’t.  Hello, when kids are vocal, they can impose their own guilt – more sentences equals more ways to manifest guilt.

What I am going to share are ways to approach the guilt with a little bit of humour, because trust me when I tell you NO ONE has her act together.  And the quicker you realize this, the quicker you will realize you are, in fact, a prime candidate for mother of the year. Okay, maybe not mother of the year, maybe just a badge of excellence…okay, perhaps just a notable mention. Same thing.

Feeling guilty about forgetting to wash your kiddo’s favourite shirt so she can wear it to school – for the fourth time this week?  Don’t sweat it.  Either pop it in the steam dryer for a good 5 min, or just let her wear it.  She will not care if she wears a semi-clean shirt.  I say, let the germs act as a protective barrier to whatever she’ll pick up on day two and move on…

This is an excerpt from the article GUILTY AS CHARGED which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.