Are you a salsa lover like me?

Digging right into a big bowl of salsa with some crispy crunchy tortilla chips has got to be one of my favorite snacks. Yum yum!

Have you noticed how darn expensive those jars of salsa can cost in the stores?! I’ve seen small jars that cost just under $5! Crazy, eh?

That just doesn’t seem fair to us salsa lovers – especially those of us with families who would gobble down a wheelbarrow full in minutes! lol

Well, salsa lover – you’re not going to have to worry about anymore.

I’ve got you covered – you can make your very own salsa at home for a mere fraction of what you pay for the store bought stuff and I’ll show you how. ????

Introducing my homemade habanero salsa!

Habanero Salsa from

I’m not kidding when I tell you it’s sooo much cheaper to make your own tasty salsa at home.

This recipe makes about 4 1/2 cups of salsa and costs just under $2.50 to make. That’s a whole lotta inexpensive (and tasty) salsa!

This recipe isn’t just inexpensive… It’s amazingly simple to make and packed with a HUGE amount of flavour!


This is an excerpt from the article Habanero Salsa which originally appeared on Dishes And Dust Bunnies.