Who doesn’t love Chocolate Chip Cookies?

If you’re going to celebrate Chocolate Chip Cookie day, you might as well go with the classic. The back of the Chippits bag has been the place to find my go-to recipe as long as I can remember.

There are difference schools of thought on how soft they should be. If they should have a taller mound, be very flat or if they should have a middle ground.

I personally think it’s key to have a perfect balance on dough to chips, that the cookies should be even thickness, but not necessarily thin and that they should be cooked through. I don’t prefer a doughy centre.

That being said, any chocolate chip cookie is a good cookie.

Be sure to cool them on a wire rack as they’ll keep baking on the hot pan and can become tough. If you happen to have a dairy allergy in the house, I’ve made this recipe with Earth Balance vegan butter and vegan chocolate chips with ‘you’d never know these don’t have dairy’ results.

Oh, and a word of warning if you tend to bake Chocolate Chip cookies then eat the whole batch – this recipe makes about 4 dozen cookies. You may need to buy extra milk.


1 cup – Softened butter

1 cup – Brown Sugar

1/2 cup – White granulated sugar

2 – Eggs

1.5 teaspoons – vanilla

2 cups – All Purpose Flour…

This is an excerpt from the article Happy Chocolate Chip Cookie Day which originally appeared on www.theinspiredhome.org.