If you’re new to the world of growing basil, you may tend to feel like you’re kind of injuring your plant a little each time you harvest a few amazingly aromatic leaves from it.  You may only decide to harvest sparingly and try to let your plant grow as big, tall, and strong as possible for as long as possible, only to find that it eventually shoots off flowers and dies, or just fizzles out and shrivels up. What’s up with that?

Well, the truth is, that basil plants actually do better the more that you harvest their leaves. So trimming and pinching off a few, or many, leaves here and there will only reward you with more and more, and will keep your plant healthy and thriving as well.

Don’t just go plucking the leaves willy-nilly though! Let me show you just how to do your little basil harvest so you get the best results!

OK, so start off with a healthy, bushy basil plant that really looks like it’s just dying to be eaten…

This is an excerpt from the article How to harvest basil for strong and productive plants! which originally appeared on The Creek Line House.