You know I can’t resist a good mug and something kitty themed is going to grab my attention in seconds.  So while browsing through the makers for the Craftadian show happening on Hamilton on August 27th, Kitties and Cabernet immediately caught my attention with their “There’s probably fur in this” mug.

You know how many swatches of nail polish I have photographed only to find a stray stand of fur stuck to a nail or bottle or sitting on my cuppa for tea reviews.  I could not find a more perfect mug.  Then I checked out the Kitties and Cabernet etsy page and I should just have my paycheque sent to her and buy it all.

Kitties and Cabernet - Jaime Drayer with Tux

It is always great to meet other people as crazy about their cats as I am, and Jaime uses Tux (pictured) and Poppy as her inspiration for her prints and dishware.  She takes ideas that are on trend elsewhere, like “I love you to the moon and back” and cat-ifies them as shown in her “I love you to the food and back” plate – something Quincy would probably say to me if he could talk.  At the same time, she doesn’t use the usual cat themes you see in stores so her products are more unique.

Jaime jokes that her happy place is a cat in her lap and wine in her hand and was the idea behind Kitties and Cabernet.  To give people unique cat (and wine) themed products they could love instead of the stereotypical crazy cat lady things you find elsewhere.  In Jaime’s words – Fur happens, embrace it!


This is an excerpt from the article Help, I Have Fallen In Love With Kitties and Cabernet! which originally appeared on Tea and Polish.