Hiking is one of my favourite summertime activities. Unfortunately, I don’t get out near as often as I would like. But with the Inca Trail hike coming up in only a few months, Tom and I have decided to commit to getting more hikes in this summer to prepare us. Therefore, when Tom suggested I take Monday off work to head to the mountains I was definitely all in.

I started looking up hikes and decided to look around Lake Louise. Google a picture of Banff or the Canadian Rockies and I guarantee a picture of Lake Louise comes up because it’s absolutely stunning.

Lake Louise

I’ve only ever hiked once at Lake Louise. But it was early spring and it was so icy that we ended up turning around pretty early. The most popular route there is the hike to the Lake Agnes tea house but there is a second tea house if you go further to the Plain of Six Glaciers hike which we decided on.


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