Hit the ground running right? After being a long time sufferer of Seasonal Affective Disorder and Depression, I turned to running around age 14 to work out my issues in my head. I still remember those 3km runs on my parents road, talking through my toughest life situations at that time, in my head of course. Since then, it has been my happy place. My me time if you will. So when I had to give up my ‘therapy’ this time around in pregnancy, I missed it. If you followed my pregnancy, you would know my struggle with my self-esteem through it all. I blame those feelings on not being able to run.

But, with the clear from my doctor, today was day one of many in hopes to hit the pavement as much as possible. My end goal is the same goal I had set with Aubrey. I was and am going to run the 5km Valley Harvest run in under 30 mins. After Aubrey was born, and thanks to my competitive nature towards the 7 year old child of me, I set a new personal record of just over 27 mins. But with not as much free time this go around to walk and having to schedule my runs around Rob’s schedule, I will be ok with 30mins. I mean, heck at this point I would be ok with just finishing the thing.;;

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