We all see the big glamorous homeschool rooms blasted online and on Pinterest. They look almost like the perfect school room in a house. But many of us don’t have any space for that perfect little school room with everything in its place. Most of us have little to no extra space to homeschool and many of us are cramped in the house we have already. So what are we to do?

At the end of August we moved to a much smaller house. I had been dying to downsize for a long time and I had every intentions of sending all my kids back to school come September. But, of course one of the kids is back homeschooling so we’ve had to get creative.

Tips for homeschooling in a small space


Double duty – Find an area in your home to do double duty. Many use their dining room tables or even their living room with fold out desks.

Utilize book shelves – Many homeschool families accumulate books like you wouldn’t believe. So where ever you can, shove in a book case, the living room, the dining room, the end of a hallway, in bedrooms etc. Use the half book shelves in areas where a tall one won’t work.

Bins – In those books shelves use bins to organizes supplies. Things like paper, pencils, crayons and crafts supplies.

Use the wall – When you are low on floor space, take to the walls. Get wall organizers to hold papers and lessons and even get books shelves that hang on the wall.

Bins for each student – Get a bin for each child to hold their current lesson plans, papers, and books. Include a pencil case for pens, pencils, crayons scissors and glue. This way they can pick it up and take it to where ever they are homeschooling for that day.

Clean out and sell – Make sure to clean out your homeschool books and curriculum and sell what you aren’t using at the end of each year. This gives you space and money for new stuff.

Take it outside – When the weather is nice and will allow, take your school work outside. This is where your bins for each student will work out great. They can pick up their bins and then head outside to spread out blankets and enjoy the weather.

Use the back of a door – Get the back of door organizers and use them to sort out supplies and anything else that will fit in them.

Under the bed – Under the bed is a great area to store stuff instead of letting your kids clothes and toys collect under there.

In the corner – If you have an empty corner get some corner shelving and use it like a book shelf. Store books and bins on it.

How do you homeschool in a small space?

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