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“I am a bad mom”….I utter these words in my head many times a day, even more on weekends. Aubrey is almost 3 but still makes a trail of dirt where ever he goes. As I follow him, I see the mess but can’t be bothered to clean it up as I know it will become a mess 5 minutes later. Because of this, and the messy house we live in…..I tell myself that I am a bad mom.

Our kitchen is always a disaster area. I will clean it up and by the next morning it is back to being a mess. We used to use the excuse that we had a small kitchen and no dishwasher. Now we have a large kitchen and a dishwasher, yet the kitchen is still an embarrassment. I am too tired to do anything about it, or maybe just don’t care anymore…I tell myself that I am a bad mom for making him live in that.

I have a bad temper, and always have. It is something I work on daily and some days are better than others. Aubrey, well… he seems to test my patience and push my buttons and sometimes I snap. I yell at him, or send him to his room. And after, I feel horribly about it because he’s still only 2 and doesn’t know any better….I tell myself I am a bad mom…

This is an excerpt from the article I Am A Bad Mom which originally appeared on http://wildrosebuds.com/.