Is Fort Langley Really Haunted? Perhaps it’s time to find out for yourself by taking part in Grave Tales this fall — a popular historic walking tour through Fort Langley.

Last week, I had the opportunity to join a group of local bloggers and media for a sneak peek of the two-hour program that included spine-chilling stories as we walked through the Fort Langley village and National Historic Site.

Our costumed interpreter, Aman, shared tales of love in the after-life, mysterious burials, and hair-raising amputations that chilled me to the bone and made me look at Fort Langley in a whole new light.

We went from Fort Langley’s cemeteries and streets to inside the spooky 1850’s fort after dark. I loved learning about some long-dead, but still lingering spirits, including Louisa Emptage, who has been spotted by locals searching for her Hudson’s Bay Company-employed husband William at the Fort Langley cemetery. Have you seen her?


We also learned of a ghostly young boy who still wants to play in the fort’s Big House. In fact, numerous children and adults have spotted him while visiting the Langley landmark – some have even wrote in comment cards about how nice it is to have a young boy in costume, helping out with the tours. How creepy is that? There’s also an incredible story about the Little White House. The next time you visit, keep an eye out for a young woman in a white dress.

tour 3

I could go on and on, but I really think you need to experience this tour for yourself. As a blogger, I am fortunate to have the chance to do a lot of cool stuff out there in ‘the Valley, but you don’t have to own a blog to enjoy this tour.

I am definitely planning to do it again next year as a date night with Jason. First, we’ll hit up 1827 for Martini’s to work up a little liquid courage and then venture out for a spook-tacular evening just a hop,skip and a jump from home.

Okay, now the mom in me has to remind you to dress warm and wear comfortable shoes as there is a lot of walking involved — ladies, leave those stilettos at home so you don’t sink in the graveyard and wake the dead!

After the tour, you can snuggle around the fort’s bonfire and enjoy a hot beverage.

Tickets are already on sale, but don’t delay!!! These tours sell out fast every year.

New this year is the enhanced three-hour program that starts at 9 p.m. You’ll get to hear more stories on the walk and enjoy an extra spooky hour behind the walls of Vancouver’s only fort.  This program is for adults only (ages 17+) and runs:

October 15-18 and 21-30 at 7 pm, 8 pm or 9 pm.

The family version runs:

October 16 and 23-30 at 6 pm.

Note: School group tours are available in the afternoons by phone reservation: 604.513.4799.

Get your tickets today clicking HERE (make sure to type Grave Tales in the search bar on the page).

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