Have we all had enough of kale salads yet?

I haven’t. I think their trend has only amped up, if anything. And that’s because they bring a heartiness to what is normally a very cooling (romaine) salad. Perfect for winter.

Many of you have been eating caesar salads your whole lives. So making one a little bit different can be refreshing. And THIS Kale Caesar Salad is something else. I don’t know what it is EXACTLY…but I have a feeling it’s those delicious little anchovies. That bright little, yummy, salty flavour comes shining through.

Anchovies are one of those little fish you want to eat when you can. Their size means they’re low in your typical contaminants from the sea. And for their size they are quite high in protein and chocked full of minerals and vitamins. Their omega-3 fatty acid content is high, reducing inflammation in the body and helping with brain function.

The anchovies I chose for this recipe are these super tasty white anchovy guys from Spain. You can find them in speciality shops, or stick to the more commonly found version in a jar. But not everyone will love the taste of an anchovy. The flavour can be strong (depending on the variety you use). That is why I love hiding them in things like a caesar salad dressing…

This is an excerpt from the article Kale Caesar Salad which originally appeared on http://www.cloudywithachanceofwine.com/.