It’s that time of year again, the one I’ve been counting down for since January.

It’s finally time to spring our clocks one hour ahead!

The days are growing ever longer and the air just feels fresh again.  I have awoken to the sound of birds chirping the last few days, which is a sure sign that change is in the air.

Just as we make the fall backwards in November and I turn to comfort food like my favorite Caramel Apple Crisp, when springtime is here I like to lighten things up and bake with what I consider “sunny” flavours.  There is no flavour better than lemon to bring in the spring season!

The original recipe for these Lemon Crumb Squares actually was for a pie but I thought I would try baking it in an 8″ square pan instead.  The result is a light and fluffy filling with a sweet graham crust and crumble that adds a bit of crunch on top.

Why not welcome in the unofficial start of spring by moving your clocks ahead an hour and baking up a light and fluffy dessert for dinner this weekend!….

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