When you have a baby, you get loaded up with all sorts of items, many of which end up only being used for a short period of time and then they become clutter or get stored away and forgotten about. But some things can be repurposed after they’ve served their initial use and worth holding onto. Swaddle blankets are a great example of this, they’re multi- purpose from the newborn phase all the way through the kid years. I received some as gifts after each of my kids was born and they’ve been one of the most- used items for at home and on the go. Even now that we’re heading out of the baby phase with Liam they’re still getting a lot of use.Since having kids and starting the blog I’ve found some great companies whose products I love and the swaddles from Narra Nest are among my favourites. They’re made from a lightweight organic cotton that is super soft (I mean really soft- like flannel) and breathable. Liam has a warm body, so the airy, breathable fabric gets a thumbs up in my books. With the warmer months coming, they’ll be great to tuck him in without getting too hot, but still keep him cozy and comfortable. I like that they’re larger than some of the other swaddles I’ve used- which I find makes swaddling easier- and means they can come in handy when the smaller options just don’t cut it. I think the hardest part is picking which prints you like the most, (I had a hard time choosing!), but love the colours and pattern of this chevron one….

This is an excerpt from the article The Many Ways to Use a Swaddle Blanket which originally appeared on Pampered Baby Blog.