I’m going to try and make this a ‘thing’ on my blog. Monthly favourite videos are quite a hit on the ol’ YouTube, and I never seem to film them in the nick of time. I thought it might be easier to snap a few photos and write it out, rather than make a long video with not the best quality of a video camera.

So here we have it folks. My first instalment of my monthly lifestyle loves. It’ll include an array of items, places, things… you know. Lifestyle things. Let’s keep it fairly simple this month, just to test those waters. Ya know?


Agate Coasters: These have been on my radar for the past few years. From similar ones being sold at Anthropologie, to Chapters in Canada, I’ve always picked them up and wanted to buy them. I just never had! Since I love putting together gift baskets for friends, I think these would be an excellent addition for any occasion (birthday, new home, new baby!). These agate coasters are from a fun website called Uncommon Goods. They’re made in the USA but the agate rock itself is from southern Brazil. If you didn’t know this about me (now you do), I used to have a rock collection — like a real one, since my geologist neighbour back home travelled the world and always brought me back little samples. How funny is it, that I married into a family of rock lovers too? So I’m super stoked to have my cuppa tetley tea sit on the pink and white ones the most, on my all-white-desk….


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