When I turned twenty-two, my parents were going through a messy divorce and my heart was mending from an emotionally abusive relationship – so it was beyond kind that my Godparents hosted a family birthday party to try and cheer me up. Except at twenty-two, all I wanted to do was get dressed up, put on too much make-up and spend a plethora of money on a VIP table at a club that doesn’t even exist anymore. I remember constantly looking at the clock wondering when they were going to cut the cake so that I could get downtown to truly celebrate my birthday. My persistence paid off and by 10PM we were in a taxi on our way downtown. When I think about that night in retrospect, I can’t believe what a spoiled and unappreciative brat I was.

I spent a lot of my childhood, teenage years and I guess my twenties trying to understand why my family behaved the way they did – as with any family there are oddities but with mine, I felt like there was always a need to explain situations or justify why I wanted to do certain things. I think I’m finally at the age (or maturity level) where I understand that culture clash had everything to do with it….

This is an excerpt from the article Motherhood Monday: Culture Shock which originally appeared on http://cocoandcowe.com/.