national cake day rainbow candy cake

Every day is national cake day in Coco Cake Land!??? Could you imagine. I don’t think I could actually handle a world that looked and felt like rainbow unicorn candy cake land every single DAY. Some days you need to mope and cry and feel pain to evolve and grow. Then other days you need to log roll naked down sugar mountains and throw a rainbow candy cake party.

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

I LOVE the look of this sweetly wild and artful cake. HELL NO those are not gum balls. No one wants to bite into a delicious forkful of cake then be chewing up some icky gum afterward, all minced together with cake crumbs. NO. These beautiful, crispy shelled colourful balls are Ice Cream Sundae Malt Balls from none other than the sweetly stylish luxury candy-heads at Sugarfina. They are my perfect cake topper, and cupcake topper, for their perfect rainbow ball cuteness.

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

For this cake, I also crushed up one of the pink malt balls into smaller pieces to create some texture/sprinkles. Three vanilla cake layers tinted with pretty gel food colour, frosted with a mixture of turquoise and sky blue tinted buttercream and a contrasting electric pink tinted buttercream.

rainbow candy cake by Coco Cake Land

Those speckled mint balls? Yep, those are mint chip malt balls and I think they’re my fave.

rainbow candy cake slice - Coco Cake Land

sugarfina candy cake - Coco Cake Land

Just kind of a happy inducing colour palette! Happiness is what the world needs these days. I need it too. This is nice though: I am Yahoo Food’s blogger of the week! I did an interview with Rachel talking about how I learned to bake and how baking and the online community helped me get through my many terrible months of breast cancer treatment.

sugarfina candy cake - Coco Cake Land

Geez, those pretend guests made such a mess! I had a lot of fun shooting this pretend party and making this rainbow candy cake. More and more, I’m feeling like I’m getting back in the game and it’s a nice feeling! ^__^

There is MORE CAKE MAGIC on the internet, and I’ve rounded up some beauties for National Cake Day:

Alana Jones Mann is so artful and creative and her painted agate CHEESECAKE is next level bonkbonks.

Courtney of Fork To Belly has such fun energy in her posts and ideas, and when I saw her Gudetama Cupcakes I got seriously pumped! A delightfully bizarro Japanese illustration of sad lazy eggs in cupcake form!

This gorgeous gothic pear cardamom cake with brown butter frosting. LINDA!!!

I just love the colour of Tessa’s spectacular mocha rum cake.

Still the prettiest (and most stylish) floral cake in all the land: Design Love Fest’s cake with edible flowers. 

PS thank you to Sugarfina for sending me hordes of amazing candy! I’m set for life! (I mean four months, hehe)

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