I wasn’t always a vegetarian. Contrary to popular opinion, not all vegetarians walk around offended at the state of food, rolling their eyes every time they encounter a meatball. In fact, there’s a good chance we used to love it.

Now I’m mostly indifferent to people’s food choices, the same way I’m indifferent to things like Blue Cheese and French Macaroons.

I know all your arguments for meat eating and I get it, that steak at Jacob’s & Co is fucking awesome. I’ve eaten it. I know, that side of bacon is absolutely necessary to complete your plate of brunch. I’ve been there. But now I’m over it and although I hate having to explain myself ALL THE TIME (because you know, it’s SOOO crazy), I will unload some of my thoughts here on how being, and raising a vegetarian doesn’t have anything to do with you.

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How it all began:

Up until 2010, I was a full on burger-eating, Bolognese-loving lady with a particular weakness towards the soppressata atop the Natalina pizza at Terroni. What changed my destiny forever was a detox my husband and I took up in hopes of looking fabulous for our wedding that fall. And a YouTube Link.

The detox was a 21-day cleanse that had us living on veggies, fruits, beans and … water. No caffeine. No alcohol. No dairy. Literally the hardest things for me to part with. But as you can guess, we looked and felt incredible afterwards. Light, energetic, HAWT….

This is an excerpt from the article A NON-EXTREMIST VEGETARIAN RANT which originally appeared on The Rebel Mama.