Unless you live or work in Nun’s Island, what do we really know of this Verdun’s borough area? For myself, Nun’s Island was only synonym of ”where the Strom Spa is”, located in the southern part of the island. But what of its northern part, Pointe Nord?

For the longest time it was an empty vast terrain, but in the past few years, it has become what few Canadian neighborhoods can add to their description – LEED ND Gold certified neighborhood, making it a green neighborhood. We’re talking about geo-thermal heating which is basically heat retained from geothermal energy originating from radioactive decay of minerals (since the formation of the planet) and solar energy absorbed on the surface. Added to that are green roofs, the notable low use of carbon footprints because of the close location of businesses, such as the BMO bank on the ground floor of one of their condominums, a new concept of an approx. 800 sq.ft open space studio with a meeting lounge and free WiFi, the growing number of nearby restaurants and food shops like Les Enfants Terrible and Mamis Clafoutis, fitness centers, pools, a future skating rink and much more.


Mamis Clafoutis pastry shop

While there are several neighborhoods in Montreal going through changes or growth like Montreal-North and Griffintown, Pointe Nord singles itself out as it is built with a strong sense of community but also of unity. Unity, because the filling of each and every space stem from a list of design and urban planning key points specific to the developpers.



Cycling path, belvedere, park and pool. Some of the few things Pointe Nord has to offer.

I had the pleasure of visiting the neighborhood this summer and was pleasantly surprised at how inviting a neighborhood it is. With fantastic views of both the Saint-Laurent River and downtown Montreal, but also the West Island, you truly get the best of both or all worlds. In partnership with the City of Montreal, the public cycling path circling the area all the way beyond the Champlain bridge, is a feature showing how Pointe Nord prioritizes walking and cycling as preferred commuting methods. Biking all the way to downtown Montreal takes about 15 minutes – regardless of traffic. Not badwith all the constructions going on in the city. Though Pointe Nord is technically in construction, nowhere does it feel like we are on a construction site. It was all part of the promotor’s plan.


Town houses with their green roofs

Housing in Pointe Nord is comprised of condo units, lofts and town houses, all including very enticing amenities and are part of the Evolo condominium projects (Evolo and Evolo 2). Needless to say, the design is up to par with modernism and always giving the tenants the possibility to get a nice view of the city.


Evolo 2 – Look up in the sky


Sea of light


Evolo 2 – Room with a view


Town houses and multiplexes

Pointe Nord has honestly charmed me and may very well do so to many of you as it was conceived in a way to answer basic neighborhood needs (and more), and that of anyone, whether sensitive with environmental issuse or not, single or raising a family with small children. I’m not saying that I am currenty looking to live there, but I wouldn’t shut my eyes to the possibility when the time comes.


Even your dogs get a special treat when you walk them. Sidewalk dog fountain.


M Salon – Hair and nail salon


Gym with a view

Live. Laugh. Love.


This is an excerpt from the article Nun’s Island Pointe-Nord: Montreal’s first green neighborhood which originally appeared on http://paperplanes.ca/.