Tis the season – if you haven’t already been to a baby shower this spring and summer, you possibly have one coming up. Even if unable to attend, it’s never been easier to send gifts to those we want to shower with our congratulations and love!

I’ve been very fortunate that with three babies, I’ve had three baby showers and each one was very different. My second baby shower involved just three other friends at a girlfriend’s house in the small town we were posted to at the time. My third baby shower I was primarily gifted with diapers and formula and was so grateful for the practical gifts the third time around!

baby shower games

If you’re tasked with planning a baby shower (or maybe just learned someone in your life is expecting so you’re planning ahead) here are 5 fun baby shower games to break the ice and keep your guests laughing:

My Water Broke!

For this game you’ll need tiny plastic babies (you can find these generally at party stores, weird I know but they’re there!), or use tiny gummy bears. Freeze each baby in an ice cube and give them to your guests in their drink. Instruct them that when they discover their baby is fully out of the ice cube to yell MY WATER BROKE! to win a prize…

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