Parents are getting back into the routine of school as much as the kids are – we’re grocery shopping, prepping lunches, and freezing baking and meals in preparation for the busy days ahead. In our household, we’re also looking at the family budget after the hit that back to school shopping took! Now is the time to refocus and get on a good spending pattern ahead of the holidays (yes, Christmas is coming!)

First off, you’ve got to check out Flipp. To make great lunches, you’ve got to be prepared! That means hitting the grocery store for all the food you need. What better way to organize yourself and save money than to use Flipp?

Flipp is a free shopping app that brings you local flyers to your smartphone to help you plan and save on the things you need, at the stores you love to shop at. With coupons, price matching, a personalized grocery list, and more, you’ll be on your way to being lunch­-savvy in no time! Use Flipp to easily find healthy ingredients that are on sale and build that week’s lunches around those key ingredients.

A balanced lunch doesn’t have to cost a lot! Buy in­-season or frozen vegetables and fruit, add cost-­effective protein such as beans, lentils, eggs, tuna, or tofu, and a source of whole grains such as brown rice or pasta. A dish like pasta with tuna and peas is the perfect example of a low­-cost lunch that’s a favorite in our house…

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